December Roses by Fiona Glass

The muscles in his leg had stopped complaining for now so he ambled along the terrace, trying to tense and flex as the physiotherapist had taught him. It still hurt, but that and the ultrasound were working the joint loose and he could already walk for longer, and with less of a limp. As long as he avoided getting his boots caught up in the ...
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Just Visiting by Fiona Glass

‛Sorry, lad, I'm just visiting.’ Madoc shook his head at the young chap trying to pick him up, then wished he’d used some other words. That particular phrase brought too many memories, on a night when he was already drowning in them. Twenty five years. He didn’t know where they’d gone. Well, he did, of course; he could write a book on the events that ...
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Death Checks In by David S. Pederson

A bell jingled as we pushed open Blount’s glass door, and a smartly dressed little man appeared from a doorway at the back of the shop. He wore a double-breasted blue pinstripe suit with a wide red polka dot tie, and a white carnation in his lapel. His fine dark hair was parted down the middle, and he wore an equally dark mustache above his ...
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Ruining The Sanctity of Marriage, The Gay Agenda, And Ruling The World! by Janet Lee Smith

I know, I know, my marriage to my wife is slowly ruining your marriage to your fifth wife. I do apologize for that, it was never our intention. Seriously, it wasn't. I mean we all know that it's part of the SECRET GAY AGENDA that you all know exists that we pretend doesn't (wink wink to all my gay brothers and sisters) but I'll never ...
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The Flowers of Time by A. L. Lester

Edie was still washing when she heard the commotion. The sheep and goats were making a dreadful racket, baaing and wailing much louder than she had ever heard them, even when they were on the move. Then the herd dogs joined in, giving tongue like Edie had never heard before. She didn’t have her stays on. Or her chemise. Or anything. She hastily pulled her ...
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Just Jordan by J.T. Cheyanne

“You should have just told him the truth. It can’t change anything now.” Janice came out of his kitchen carrying the quart of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and two spoons. She fell into the couch beside him and propped both feet on the coffee table. He took the spoon she offered and avoided the questions in her eyes. “Exactly. So, there’s no need to ...
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All The Little Lights: Audie and Calhoun (Low Country Lovers, Book 2)

By Julia McBryant One night, when it’s really bad, Audie goes downstairs and does something he hasn’t in a long time: he hits the bourbon, and he hits it hard. He doesn’t turn on the lights. He never does on nights like this. He sits at the battered farmhouse table he loves so much, rests his elbows on old nicks and scratches and divots, and ...
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Echoes of Blood: the Loneliness of a Liverpool Vampire by Fiona Glass

'Should I even be here?' Daniel paused with one hand on the pub door-handle. It still felt too soon. Less than four months since Tom had walked out. Eleven weeks and three days, to be precise. Not that he was counting. But he couldn't stay indoors for ever. Even if he didn't get off with anyone it would be a night out. A few drinks, ...
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Ghost Revelations: A Why Choose Novel (Ghost Dud Book 1)

Victoria has always been told she’s a ghost dud by her family, she only has the ability to talk to ghosts. She has no other powers, unlike the rest of her family. That doesn’t stop her from always being there when her friends need her. That doesn't stop her from jumping into a situation when a murder happens right around the corner from her. Suddenly, ...
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New Moon Rising: An LGBT Tale of Self-Discovery & Acceptance by Anthony Paolucci

High above the earth, a new moon enters her celestial existence. She is charmed by the warmth and beauty of the heavenly bodies around her, and an array of thrilling and curious sights fill the moon with wonderment.
Yet it soon becomes apparent that she is the only moon in the night sky. Questions regarding her identity soon overwhelm her, and she is compelled to seek ...
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Dirty Little Secrets by Julia McBryant

NOTE: A bit of fantasy romance. All characters 18+ Amory has a late rehearsal, and they need a long list of things, from a new shower curtain to those vile energy drinks his boys chug like water. Time for Target. Ellis asks Quinn if he wants to come. Quinn’s messing around playing video games (he lies on his stomach, legs slightly parted in shorts, totally ...
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Halfway to Someday by Layla Dorine

Sonofabitch, it was still snowing. Jesse stared out the window, head pressed against the wooden frame. His stomach growled, and his body trembled. It was taking all the effort he could muster just to stay upright. He knew he needed food, but he could hear Ryker moving around the cabin, and every time he stepped toward the door, terror overtook him. Ryker was way too ...
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Cat Escort by Melissa E Costa

From Chapter 5 - Kitty Cuddles Seth arrived at Nao’s high-rise and punched in the gate code. Nao should be home by 9:00 p.m. He normally didn’t run late, but Nao didn’t like the idea of Seth waiting outside for him, so he had given Seth the gate combo and a key to his place. Seth had already been over to Nao’s apartment several times, ...
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The Scented Chrysalis by José Sotolongo

Chapter 7 Craig and Cassandra On a Saturday in late April, two months before his high school graduation, Lucas was helping Rose put groceries away. “I have this new part-time assistant at the gallery. His name is Craig. Young man, your age.” “Oh?” Lucas said as he put canned goods in the pantry. “He’s going to Bard College in the fall, to study music. I ...
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The Marshal’s Teacher by Este Holland

“The thing is, I’m the ‘best friend.’ The one everyone comes to and complains about their boyfriends and girlfriends. It was the same throughout middle school, high school, and even college. I was the one with the wisdom and advice, though I’d only had one boyfriend in my life, and he tried to use me to get a green card.” Chaze paused and shook his ...
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That Summer in Spain by Lawrence I. Hill

“I’m not sure I’m up for this,” Dennis proclaimed.
I took another sip of wine and placed the glass beside me on the floor.
“Yeah,” I said, “these sex scenes are kind of intimidating.”
He chuckled. “That’s not what I was referring to.”
“Oh no?” I said, suddenly a bit embarrassed for having revealed my own anxiety.
We were sitting on the floor of my ...
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