The Harvest Moon by Joshua Ian

Genre: LGBT Romance.

“Because he is a witch,” she answered with a small downward jerk of her cane so that it struck the wooden floor like a judge’s gavel. “There are those who visit our hamlet. They come on the night of a harvest moon in the shadow of Mabon, stopping here, for respite or relief.”

She waved her hand, fanning out her fingers. “And then they disappear like morning dew from the grass. Gone. Leaving behind all they carried—their coin, their clothing, their horses, their carriages, everything a man needs. Abandoned.”

She cast her rheumy eyes on Malcolm.

And they are all last seen in the company of a young man with flame-colored hair.”

Malcolm froze, feeling as if his body was suddenly made of stone. He wanted to admonish the old woman, tell her that she was a fabulist and full of superstition. He wanted to laugh in the faces of them all. Yet he could not shake the queer feeling that had overtaken him—that he had somehow managed to escape the very fate of which she spoke.

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Book published September 23, 2019

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