In this age of Coronavirus, a lot of writers are nervous about meeting up in person. This is totally understandable and may be the new reality for awhile. So Stonewall Writers has this new offering.

You can create your own online writer’s group right here at Stonewall Writers in the Chat or Forum section.  No charge for it at all. Just follow the steps below.


1. Go to the Chat area and register to become a forum member.

2. Visit the “Create a Writer’s Group” forum and introduce yourself.  Talk a bit about what type of writing you do, current projects, past projects, hobbies, interests, and what you’re hoping to achieve with your writing going forward.  

3. After you introduce yourself, chat and engage with other writers here and invite them to form a group.

4. Use the private message function by messaging one or more writers to join. Once you start a private message thread among members, that will become your private place to meet and share writing and feedback. The great thing is that you all don’t have to be on at one time.  Like texting on your mobile device, you can make a comment, share writing etc. and people can get back to you when they are free.

5. Try to limit groups to around six people. I’ve found groups work well with just four as well.

How to Start a Private Message Thread for Your Specific Group:

1. Go to My Profile.

2. Click on the little envelope icon that says Message.

3. Type in a title, then invite members by typing in the first few initials of their user name and select it when it appears. Then add the next member and the next member and so on.

4. This will establish a private thread where you can share writing pieces, critiques, conduct discussions etc. 

4. Once you have joined a private message group, comment back at the main forum and let everyone know you’ve found a group, otherwise people may be continually contacting you to join their group.

5. You can also reach out to new people commenting on the thread if your group needs more members.

Group Guidelines:

1. We recommend that you share a piece of roughly 5-7 pages whenever you share.   The group can decide to look at one or more writer’s pieces each week and then  each member should agree to offer at least a paragraph of critique back to the submitting writer.  The critique should be constructive and non-judgmental.  It should involve three parts starting with what you liked about the piece (what worked for you), what confused you or didn’t work for you, and any ideas you’d have on how to improve the writing/story.

2. Again, refrain for judgmental statements and generalizations such as “You’re writing is bad.”  “You’re story makes me think you’re crazy.”

3. Don’t psychoanalyze other writers based on what they submit.  These are groups to help each other with your writing, not play therapist.  

4. Anyone treating other members without respect as it relates to their race, sex, age, ethnicity, disability, religious affiliation, or sexuality will have their forum privileges revoked and banned from private messaging. 

5. Require critiques  back to the writer who submitted for the week within a timely manner as designated by the group.