World Unraveled: Book One of the Scorched Earth Saga By Anthoney Pavelich

Genre: LGBT Sci Fi or Fantasy.

“Gevan! It’s been too long,” Jack yelled as Gevan approached the group.

“Welcome back, Jack,” Gevan replied as he gave his best friend a hug. Jack was a few inches taller than Gevan, but only a month older. He had blond hair and blue eyes and was clean shaven like his father. His hair was short, almost like a soldier would keep it.

Jack had been on a trip with his mother to see his aunt and cousins. His uncle had been sick, and they went to help out with the store while he recovered.

“How is your uncle?” Gevan asked as he reached the table.

“He’s fully recovered, thank you. Let me introduce to the crowd. You know Brody.” Brody was sitting across the table from Jack.

“Yes,” Gevan said with squinted eyes, and smirked as he continued, “just saw him today, too many times.” Brody laughed.

“These other two brothers next to him are John and Fredrick, they are friends of my cousins.” Gevan shook both their hands across the table as they exchanged greetings. They looked very alike, though John was older. Both had dark hair, green eyes, and full beards which were well-groomed.

“And finally, this is Harry.” Jack motioned to the man sitting directly in front of Gevan. Harry’s back had been to him as he was introduced to the others. Harry stood up and turned to face Gevan.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Gevan.” Harry was equal in height to Gevan. His hair was not too long, just covering his ears and a dark blond, while his eyes were dark brown. He had a slight beard of the same colour, which was purposefully groomed close. He smiled as he took Gevan’s hand to shake it.

Gevan just stared at Harry; there was something about him. As he shook his hand, he looked into Harry’s eyes. Though dark, they seem to shine.

After what seemed like minutes, Gevan realized he hadn’t said anything, just stood there shaking Harry’s hand. Finally, he replied, “Likewise.” It was all he could get out.

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Book published 07/19/19

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