The Calleea Family in the Dark Side of Love by Jessica Mallory

Genre: LGBT Sci Fi/ Fantasy.

Summer found herself out in the fields. The fields reminded her more of her home than the house did. There were too many gadgets and things she didn’t understand there. At least out here in the open, surrounded by nature she could think she was at home. She looked up at the stars and imagined what it would be like to learn about this universe, instead of everything she was put through.  A voice shook her out of her head.


Summer turned around to see Jade leaning on the wooden fence. She smiled.

“Hi. What brings you out here in the middle of the night?” She walked over to the fence.

“I could ask you the same question.” Jade smiled. She rarely smiled; even Summer knew this from the short time she knew her. But over the last week she could see Jade opening more and more.

“Being out here reminds me of Scaetes. It’s open and free, well for the most part, calm and tranquil. Even with Noir coming our way, it’s not as chaotic as it is here. Everything here is so fast and rushed.”

“Try living in New York City.” Jade climbed the fence and sat on the top rung. “This is Mayberry compared to the city.”

“What’s Mayberry?” Summer questioned climbing up and sitting next to Jade.

“It was this fantasy show set in a small town where all the problems were solved in 30 minutes.”

“Wow. We need that.”

Jade laughed, “Nothing gets solved in 30 minutes in the real world.” She sighed and looked out on the horizon to the stars, “Sometimes problems never go away.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Living day-to-day, sometimes it feels like that. It hurts, constantly, people always leave, you never know where your next meal will be, and if you like me, you get caught up in a bunch of shit that makes you question your entire existence.”

Summer put her head on Jade’s shoulder. “Do you still feel that way now? Even after your siblings found you and have this whole new purpose to fulfill?”

“Parts of me feel it even worse. Like, should I have been trying harder my whole life? Would I have ended up in the places or positions I put myself in if I hadn’t of let what happened to me affect me so much?”

“I think that made you who you are. You wouldn’t be strong enough to handle what’s about to come.”

“How do you know what’s coming?” Jade, without thinking, starting playing with the hem of Summer’s jacket sleeve.

“I’ve seen Noir in action, what’s he’s done to my land. He’s killed a lot of people already, even though the Council has done everything they could to stop him. The barrier they have around the Castle grounds is all that keeps the entire realm safe.”

“Wow. No pressure right?” Jade looked down at Summer, “How did you do this? I just shared more information with you than I have with anyone in the last 8 years.”

Summer lifted her head, “Maybe that’s my power.” She waved her fingers in front of Jade’s face, “Wooo.” They both laughed. “I don’t know, maybe you’re comfortable with me?”

“I’m not comfortable with anyone, but yeah, you are pretty cool.” Jade hoped down from the fence, turned and put her arms up.

“You want me to jump?” Summer questioned with her eyebrows raised.

“It’s like a foot. I’ll catch you, promise. And you don’t know me very well, but I never break my promises.”

“Never?” Summer smiled.

“Never. Now jump.” Jade waved her arms to her.

“OK, but first promise me something else.”

“Already?” Jade laughed, “Sure. What else.”

Summer grew very serious, “Promise me that no matter what happens, you will follow through with the plan and save the realms.”

Jade’s smile faded, “Uh, what?”

Summer pressed on, “Promise me. You promise me that you will follow through and do what needs to be done.”

Jade saw at the look on Summer’s face, nothing but seriousness and a little confliction. It pulled at Jade’s heart. “Yeah, Summer, of course. I promise to follow through and do what needs to be done.”

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Book published 12/26/18

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