Lessons, Reworking Spiritual Paradigms by E.S. Carpenter

Chapter 12
The Argument for LGBT Normality
– by the Learned, Including Christ – in His Own Words

People who have never tasted something should not tell people who are eating, how they should react to the taste. – E S Carpenter

This section is in defense of a specific group of humans currently being bullied. I’d like to apologize to the readers who are not part of this situation, but humbly ask you to continue reading so you may know the foundation behind your point of view, further understand the unfounded basis for this injustice, and possibly stand less quietly when in the company of those discussing this situation.
If you believe like I, that all humans are equal, and all humans deserve the freedoms many of us hold dear, yet everyone doesn’t enjoy … if you believe our freedoms are the foundation of our existence, and rightfully ours for no other reason than we exist, then I humbly ask you to contemplate the next narrative.

Bullies look for, and often find weaker humans. Certain current bullies have found their latest weak group of humans, and the situation needs to be brought to light in greater detail than is currently being discussed. I’m not referring to individually weak humans. I’m referring to collectively weak. Weak as in, they’re continually being denied equality, supposedly in the name of God.
The LGBT are currently considered less than equal. They are weaker politically. They’re weaker religiously, for the incorrect reasons enclosed. They are lesser in number because those who openly identify are being ridiculed and threatened to the point of hiding to survive. They’re not only denied basic rights of life the bullies enjoy and demand, but the children belonging to this group are four times more likely to commit suicide than children outside this group.
That last sentence is my main contention. – FOUR TIMES more likely to commit suicide…because there’s a certain group telling them they’re ‘condemned to eternal hell’, for no reason other than who they know they are. Fine humans are killing our children by telling them things they know nothing about, and this ongoing injustice needs addressing.
Majorities deny minorities equality. Males still refuse acknowledgement of female equality. Majority religious deny minority religions and non-religious. People refusing equality to brothers and sisters because of some and all perceived nonconformity. But the only current minority having their lives threateningly altered in all corners of the Earth is the minority based on sexual orientation and gender non-conformity.
Nothing is more offensive than our children deciding suicide is their only option, for the lack of love, support, and supporting argument they receive, and it is time to offer that supporting argument and reveal exactly how unfounded the opposing argument is.

The following is a previously written in-depth breakdown of the lack of foundation for one of the longest ongoing instances of bullying injustice known to humankind. Enjoy.

[ (Excerpt of a previous work)
The recorded history of lgbt is as old as recorded human history and expands to every reach of our planet. There isn’t a society on earth with a recorded history, that doesn’t refer to some aspect of an lgbt community. LGBT seems to have existed since humans have existed, and in every corner of the world.
UCLA / Burkle Center produced a world map of just a portion of this history, which can be found at:
Societies with a recorded lgbt history include: Native American Great Plains Tribes, Mayans, the Igbo people of Nigeria, Angola, the Dem Rep of Congo, South Africa, Kenya, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Albania, Egypt, Iran, Saudia Arabia, India, Nepal, Russia, Korea, China, Indonesia.
Plato mentioned a 3rd gender in his memoirs. In ancient Greece, many in the ruling Senate were openly lgbt. An ancient Greek marble sculpture shows a well-endowed female reclining on a lounge with obvious male genitalia. Another portrays three nude transgender females standing together.
Hermaphroditus was portrayed in Greco-Roman art as a female figure with male genitals, and Aphroditus was said to have been a male Aphrodite originating from Amathus on the island of Cyprus and celebrated in Athens in a transvestite rite.
The prophet Muhammad referred to LGBT when he wrote his governing ordinances on inheritance for his society. The writings show he accepted gender nonconformity.
To quote a national leader, “Gay people are born and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths. They are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes. And whether we know it or whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Being gay is not a western invention. It is a human reality.”

The Religious / Biblical argument regarding LGBT Normality
The assumed origin of the LGBT non-acceptance paradigm: God. The Bible.
Easy as that. It doesn’t matter what argument is made. No argument against God wins.
What if I can prove on many levels, God has NO problem with LGBT, and even calls them blessed and His blessed – in the Bible?

(Parts of this discussion will mention previously discussed subjects, but it must be included in this segment to offer the complete LGBT argument.)

Proof God has no problem with LGBT
God’s commandments have been discussed, and no matter what list you wish to adopt as authentic, or how many commandments you believe God gave, all the lists have one thing in common:
There is no commandment against LGBT. There are commandments about oxen …but none against LGBT.
Please remember, if God had wanted an eleventh …or …fifty-third commandment, She would have written one. God has the ability, and the rock to write on. There was and is nothing to stop God. Yet there is no commandment against LGBT. …None
I believe I’ve debunked the idea the original Bible authors transcended time and/or were divinely inspired. If they transcended time, they would have known slavery, stoning someone to death without trial, and female oppression and subjugation, are not acceptable.
Deut 15: 12-15 Eph 6: 9 Col 4: 1 Deut 22: 22 Mark 10:1-12 Mark 12: 18-27 Exod 31:14-15 Deut 22: 13-21 Eccl 7: 2 Eccl 25: 18, 19, 33

Existential psychology states it is impossible to remove the society from the human. Neuroenterology and Epistemology have proven we think using our societal language, which is the primary representation of that culture, including time and location limitations.

The Positive and Negative Argument for LGBT Acceptance within the Bible
The Positive Passages
Is God quoted in the Bible as saying anything good or positive about LGBT? Yes. Jesus said some are born gay. And the most impressive passage comes with its own written-in proof of authenticity and verification.
1. Matthew 19: 11-12 – 11 But He (Christ) said to them, “Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. 12 For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”
Eunuch is a misinterpretation for: ‘men not comfortable sleeping with women’.
– Males aren’t born castrated. People are born gay.
– Castration does not serve heaven. Being gay can serve heaven.
The time-traveled (mis)interpretation of the word ‘Eunuch’ allowed the passage to remain untouched, but the passage is untouched for a spiritual reason: Who is able to see the message.
12“Let the one who is able to receive this receive it”:
I understood the message immediately. Can you, or does God blur your attempt, so you may be tested by your heart alone?
The accepted, inaccurate current interpretation will allow the myopic to make their argument, the passage has nothing to do with LGBT. And their inability to understand has left the passage unaltered accordingly. The preceding and succeeding sentences prove it.
This passage is too amazing, in its message, its self-included verification, and its spiritual ramifications: The preceding and succeeding sentences are beyond this world. They validate the content AND explain our current failure to accept.
You cannot be taught the message. It’s a test and measures your immortal maturity. You see it or you don’t, but it absolutely without question, verifies God has no problem with LGBT. Their status serves heaven. It’s as if the spiritual universe is using that community as a gauge to measure human maturity.

Other pro-LGBT Bible passages
1. Matthew 8: 5-13 – Jesus Affirmed a Gay Couple
The ‘servent’ was the soldier’s male lover
2. Ruth 1: 14 – Ruth loved Naomi
3. Acts 8: 26 – 40 – The early church welcomed gay men
‘Eunuch’ is again a misinterpretation for ‘gay man’.
4. 1 Sam 19-23 &II Sam 1 & 9 – David loved Jonathan more than women
The interpretation is complex, but they aren’t just friends
5. Luke 17: 34-37 – Christ blessing gay relations
34I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken and the other shall be left. 35There will be two women grinding. One will be taken and the other left.
(The one taken – is taken to HEAVEN) – But why? Aren’t they GAY? Aren’t the GAY cursed? Aren’t the GAY condemned to hell? Isn’t it an abomination?) ]

How is it, three pro-lgbt GOSPEL verses (two-directly attributed to Christ) are summarily dismissed, but three anonymously written old testament verses against LGBT (one in the middle of an all-but-ignored childlike diatribe) are held to like commandments?

When someone tells you, being LGBT is against God / God is against LGBT, ask them: What does Christ say about LGBT in the Bible? (I’ve proven: Every other associated bible passage is a human thought – some are from anonymous humans.)
Since the human you ask, won’t know…
ANSWER: Matthew 19: 11-12 / Matthew 8: 5-13 / Luke 17: 34-37 – Christ not only has no problem with LGBT, but says God considers LGBT as normal as any other group of people. If you study and read into Christ’s message, you will learn: God is using LGBT for His purpose.
How funny! I just realized Christ was LGBTQIA.
One of the apostles was purportedly gay – Christ’s brother James.

[ The Negative Passages
The 6 Bible bullets that supposedly kill all LGBT and the bomb that wipes out all those shooting bullets:
1 Cor 6:9 1 Tim 1:10 Lev 18:22* Lev 20:13*
Rom 1:26 Gen 19
1 Cor 6:9: (This is previously discussed in ‘Re-Writings and Re-Interpretations’, and copied here. Please refer to that discussion for further detail)

9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a]
[ * Footnotes:
a. 1 Corinthians 6:9: The words men who have sex with men translate two Greek words that refer to the passive and active participants in homosexual acts. ]

* This footnote is in the notes on the Bible website and not my footnote.

– Operative Greek words in the original Greek document: “Malakoi” and “Arsenkoitai”:
* THESE are the two Greek words the footnote references.

— Malakoi ’s literal translation means ‘weak willed’ / ‘gutless’ / ‘spineless’ …was somehow mistranslated to: effeminate …as in sexually / genderly effeminate / gay / lgbt
— Arsenkoitai : Modern humans cannot find a literal translation for this highly uncommon and rare Greek word, but to declare its meaning: ‘homosexuality’ is once again more an adage against the interpreter than the Bible meaning. There were, at the time of original authorship, many words which meant ‘homosexual’ in the Greek language and if that’s what the author wanted to convey, it is believed he would have used one of those many common words. He did not.
1 Tim: Authorship is in question. The prophesies in 1 Tim have been proven questionable. Linguistics reveal inaccuracies involving the time claimed written and the words and phrases used accordingly. This nullifies the document’s authenticity.
Leviticus reads as if written by a person with the maturity of a five year old child. “Don’t wear multi-fabric underwear”? Don’t even trim your beard? Don’t eat half the food God placed here for our enjoyment, or you’re impure and condemned to eternal damnation? This is where you find the Leviticus edict against homosexuality. If this document was written today, we would laugh at the author before dismissing him and it.
* The Apostle Paul said, “Christ has set us free from the yoke (Leviticus) of slavery through Christ, you are no longer obligated to religious law.” – Galatians 5:1.
Romans: One verse about homosexuality and eight condemning those criticizing their government. The document equally condemns deceit, pride, debate and disobedience. Please stop a moment and reflect on exactly what Paul is calling sinful. Are any of these things actually sins? Are any of these actions anything but normal human activity?
The document equates the sin of homosexuality to that of pride, debate, and disobedience. Let’s consider the exact level of human action, these ‘crimes’ are, and question Paul’s motive, and non-modern intellectual capacity before considering any of these concepts, sins.
But if you want to measure the mindset of the humans from that time and place, please note: It is a ‘flogging offense’ for a woman to hang washed laundry outside without male supervision, in that part of the world, in current modern times. And why is it Paul and his peers have no problem with slavery, or stoning a non-virgin woman to death, but have a problem with ‘debate’?
Genesis: There are many inaccuracies in Genesis. Six day creation? The universe is a 14 billion year ongoing creation. The sun and earth are 4 billion years old. The 2nd creation story on page 2 of Genesis contradicts the 1st creation story. It is verified and enclosed: the use of Adam and Eve is a plagiarism from Zoroastrianism. The story of Noah is a plagiarism of the Epic of Gilgamesh, King of Uruk. Similar flood stories are found in multiple ancient societies throughout the world. These inaccuracies nullify any claim of ‘divinely inspired’, and thus nullify any significance, claim of time transcendence, or validity.

And the nuclear bomb wiping out all remaining religious argument against LGBT. Galatians 3:10
(This is previously discussed)
(Referencing the website)
[ …There is, however, a big problem with quoting any Testament Law. The problem is, Christians are no longer under the Law. Christians do not live their Christian life by following the Testament Law. The Apostle Paul makes this abundantly clear. It is not something fabricated to win an argument, or made up in the twentieth century, or manufactured to get around something somebody doesn’t like. It is clearly stated in the Greek scriptures.
The Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians:
10All who rely on observing the law are under a curse, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law.” (Galatians 3:10)
If we rely on following the Law or insist on imposing it on others, we are under a curse. The passage above, Galatians 3:10, contains a quote from the Law itself, Deuteronomy 27:26. ]

Straight from the Apostle Paul, in the original Greek: The Law no longer applies. Christ eradicated the law as the new covenant.

The practical application of Gal 3: 10:
If someone condemns homosexuality and is clean-shaven, has a tattoo, eats pork or shellfish, or wears multi-fabric clothes – they are cursed by their edict. If someone holds to the literal translation of the Bible, they have cursed themselves. Per Gal 3:10 – you don’t get to pick and choose which law you like and wish to adhere to and which law you don’t. …So I advise we drop them all. Our eternal health demands it.

Leviticus 19 “The LORD said to Moses”: 19 Do not wear multi-fabric cloth.
Half cotton, half polyester underwear offends God? …Sounds just like I’d expect an eons old perfect universe creator to sound.
And if anyone is offended by the statement, please adhere to the law and not wear multi blend fabrics.
…Homosexuality: Both of them have committed an abomination.” Lev 20:13
No they haven’t. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Two people loving each other is godlike. God is love. Two people making love under those terms, is natural, or it wouldn’t work or be pleasurable…and it works and is pleasurable, or people wouldn’t do it.
These paradigms need re-evaluation. Existing beliefs are failing our God and Her children…our brothers and sisters.

Better news: Old religious laws never were anything more than culturally based. Ancient middle-eastern societal leaders made the laws ‘religious’ for better tribal adherence. God isn’t that petty or trite, and never has been. They are and always were human laws, not spiritual laws. Their religious connotation helped adherence. The Hebrews made their entire society religious, for law adherence and cultural purposes.
Buddhism is a religion for similar reasons. Gautama’s teachings were being lost and an Indian nobleman knew the religious connotation would help his society keep the wisdom.
“Do not eat pork or shellfish” became Hebrew religious law because many were dying from eating tainted pork and shellfish. They had no refrigeration and lived in a desert.
But once and for all, Paul (not me) wipes archaic religious laws from existence, by word, or action of Christ, depending on your level of belief, which also has no bearing on your salvation. You’re God’s. It was a done deal from day one. …Just like your children are yours …from the instant they exist.

[ (Previous work continued)
It could be argued I’m just keeping the Bible parts I like and am comfortable with and throwing away the parts I’m not happy with. Why yes. And there is a reason. Some of the parts about completely pure perfect love of a completely pure perfect God make complete sense after I evaluated them, and some of the parts sound like a bad infomercial telling us about our incurable disease and offers the one and only solution. And God alone can’t cure you. Only religion offers the cure. God doesn’t have the ability alone, to help you honor the purported ‘Sabbath’ commandment, even though Christ spoke clearly about how to pray, in The Sermon on the Mount.
‘I’m still not allowed to pick and choose what parts of the Bible I want to honor and what parts I don’t.’
Why not? The religious have been doing this for quite some time. What is interesting about their choices is, the religious seem to ignore the Bible edicts they must adhere to, and hold against others, that which others must adhere to. The religious eat pork and shellfish. Religious males shave. Religious wear multi-fabric blend clothing. Many have tattoos. They hate. They judge. They used to wear veils but don’t anymore. There used to be a law against work on the Sabbath which they now ignore with gusto. They are doing and have been doing exactly what I just did.
But I’m not saying they shouldn’t ignore things they’ve already identified as antiquated and are currently ignoring. I’m actually saying there are more things to identify and ignore: Hate. Ignore the hate parts. Ignore anything that denies a human’s right to exist. Condemning others…ignoring that one sounds like a great and healthy idea too, don’t you think?

Please understand this discussion isn’t an argument against religion. Religion’s inability to project the unconditional perfect love and forgiveness that is God, is not my or this discussion’s problem. That is religion’s problem.
This is a discussion between ‘love’ and ‘hate’; an argument about children too immature to understand they don’t have the right or awareness to evaluate the existence of anything, let alone others. To judge another reflects only on the judge’s immaturity. Christians do not fare well in Muslim eyes, just as Muslims don’t fare well in Christian eyes. But the fault lies only in the judgement. Our entire planet is suffering from its growing hatred, and hatred’s foundation is borne in judgement.

Love is the absence of judgment. – Dalai Lama XIV
So is forgiveness. –

The following links lead to much more profound and wordy discrediting discussions (some of which I offer partial credit for my knowledge and knowledge confirmation):
1. http://wouldjesusdiscriminate.org/biblical_evidence.html
2. https://biblethumpingliberal.com/gays-lesbians-in-luke/
3. http://www.wouldjesusdiscriminate.org/biblical_evidence/history_lessons.html
4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-nicholas-phillips/the-bible-does-not-condemn-homosexuality_b_7807342.html
5. http://wouldjesusdiscriminate.org/biblical_evidence/no_fems_no_fairies.html
6. http://www.religioustolerance.org/ashford01.htm
7. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-shore/the-best-case-for-the-bible-not-condemning-homosexuality_b_1396345.html
8. https://www.google.com/search?q=Argument+refuting+anti+lgbt+bible+claims&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 ]

Moses seems to have had a problem with LGBT, if he’s the Torah author, and to think his problem is God’s, is unfounded. God made homosexuality and He makes no mistakes. He’s perfect, remember? Perfect Beings don’t make mistakes, and the LGBT community has been on the face of the Earth since humans have, in every corner of the world…documented…in spite of an eons-long attempt to eradicate these brothers and sisters. LGBT doesn’t exist in spite of God. Nothing exists in spite of God. It exists in spite of religion, and because of God. It is your great test, religious, and you’re not faring well with regard to your God’s wishes. Please reference John 13: 34-35.

Dear LGBT brothers, sisters, and children: You are normal. Your sexual preference is normal. People like you have existed since people have existed, and in every corner of the world. And anyone telling you differently has either not studied your culture and history, has adopted age-old unfounded human paradigms without forethought, or has selfish proclivities and agendas.
You can, 1 – ignore them. 2 – use God’s words to kill their argument. 3 – beat them with their own religious book as you ask them what their definitions of love and the golden rule are.
If you choose option three, please understand it may be the closest they’ve ever come to touching their religious book, so they may continue trying to avoid it as if its touch was poisonous.

The mass genocide against the LGBT sub-culture needs to come to an end. The exclusion of this sub-culture from mainstream society needs to come to an end. And unless you get caught doing something you’d rather not get caught doing, their sexual preference has no effect on you whatsoever.
How easy is it to not be affected by the LGBT lifestyle?
If you personally don’t want to have sexual relations with someone of the same gender, by all means, don’t. Say, No thank you, and then leave that other person to her or his life…and stay out of their bedroom. Please don’t judge. Their Maker has the full ability, authority, and responsibility, and He doesn’t need your help or opinion on the validity of His children.
Please stop thinking, God is so imperfect, She would create something He hated. The idea does not align with the acknowledgement of a perfect God.
And if your heart beats faster when thinking about how wrong homosexuality is, or how disgusting it would be if a same-gender person offered you the opportunity to be intimate, don’t take a psychology course on sexuality, or you’re going to learn things you’re going to inwardly deny for the rest of your life.

In a recent study, 50% admit to some form of LGBT experimentation. Psychology knows: Vociferous unsolicited vocalization against, usually means a secret disposition toward. Indifference is the actual reaction of those unaffected and disinterested.
And a place that equally allows one to marry their same gender partner, and be fired for it the next day, is ruled by children lost in their own childishness. Equality isn’t hard to comprehend, but if you’re having difficulty comprehending, you’ve shared more about you than you should have.
Practical perspective:
A four year old child wanted a toy, and when her mother told her they didn’t have the money, she replied, “Then just go to the money machine and get some.”
The four year old knows where money comes from, right?
Humans are cosmically this child. Can we please begin realizing God knows just a little more than we do, about everything? Why do we see what God has created and decide it isn’t exactly what He intended?
Youth: The elderly are half as smart because they’ve lived twice as long. –
Humans: We know how God has failed, because God is timelessly older, wiser, and smarter. –
Our cosmic mental age is showing.

And if you don’t want to use a ‘clinic’ …don’t. But please don’t stop another from using it. Their life is no one else’s business. Their life is between them and their Maker. This isn’t a new rule. This has been called ‘The Golden Rule’ since the beginning of time. If your guardians never taught you the golden rule, here it is:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Did you know Christ said it?
12“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” – Matthew 7:12
8the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself” – James 2: 8

Do you want to be left alone, to go about your life without others interfering with your actions and beliefs? … Picture others forcing you to adopt their beliefs. How uncomfortable is the feeling? Would you strike out against it? Would you insist to be left alone, but treated as equal?
Some have already insisted on ‘religious tolerance’ laws which allow them to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. Many of these people believe in things like conversion therapy for LGBT. …Christ’s teachings or the precepts of men? (Mark 7: 6-8)

Live and let live?
We should live by our rules and answer to our Maker, and allow others to live by their rules and answer to their Maker. And as much as our preachers insist it’s our duty to inform heathens of their eminent destination, for whatever religious laws they’re not honoring – it is not. All we will have done by sharing that bit of information is: put a curse on our own head. We will, by our words, have subjected ourselves to religious Law. I’ve seen heathens’ destination and there’s a good chance some of us are mistaken about their fate. And if there’s no refuting proof, we should lower our adamant volume.
And when a clean-shaven preacher stands in front of you wearing a cotton polyester shirt with sleeves short enough to see his beautiful ‘I love Jesus’ tattoo, wearing a silk tie, and cotton polyester pants, having just come from a bacon and egg breakfast served in the church basement, with plans to attend the church barbeque later that evening, and tells you how homosexuality is an abomination, you can whisper in his ear after his performance, that he just cursed himself, and ought to read his own reference book.
12 There is only one lawgiver and judge, He who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? – James 4: 12

The intellectual argument for LGBT Normality
(a continuation of the previous work)
The medical / biological aspects of lgbt are enlightening. We’ve come a long way, with regard to studying and measuring human functionality. We used to take still pictures of the physical brain. We now make movies of the brain as it functions. We used to be able to identify hormones. We now watch them go about their assignment in the human body. Not long ago, we discovered the cell and its inner components. We now look into cell nuclei and then into its housed chromosomes and identify each marker on each level of each strand.
In that time, psychology moved from a newly formed pseudo-science with its foundation mired in social directive, to a far more objective and scientific social science, and has recently made great strides in disassociating itself from unmeasured societal hearsay and influence.
Modern medicine has recorded gender ambiguity at birth for as long as medical science has been inclined. 1 child in every 2500 is born physically gender unspecific, gender ambiguous and or multi-gendered. Our medical community immediately operates on these babies to ‘remedy’ their ‘problem’. It is never discussed past the immediate family. Almost always, the child never knows its own birth situation. The idea a gender is assigned at birth is a medical ethics shortcoming for another discussion.
We as a society just recently realized that if this is the physical norm for as far back as has been recorded, why wouldn’t the gender ambiguity also include the four other aspects of human existence? And the desire for the answer has led to some amazing findings such as biological psychology’s identification of at least 18 distinct and different gender variations.
Advancements in medical technology have now given us the ability to measure gender nonconformity in all aspects of human existence and so far, it has identified the incidence of gender variation at roughly 1 in every 100 humans. This revelation has led to what some believe is a more fluid gender continuum than previously thought and completely wipes out the 2000 year old middle eastern belief that the proposed Maker made only man and woman.
Klinefelter Syndrome
Turner Syndrome – XO Chromosome pairing
Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS)
Super Males – XYY

Not even the ancient Greeks, Chinese or Native Americans believed we were just man and woman. Unquestioned beliefs proposed by radicals under friendly threat have driven us intellectually backward beyond primitive cultures and there are those who still get offended by the declaration.
My awareness allows me to believe the proposed Maker hasn’t ever done anything dichotomously. Not only is every color of the spectrum on display everywhere we look, but there are colors so vast, and out of our sight spectrum, we’re not sure where or if they end. It is measured that we see roughly 400 points of a spectrum that is almost infinity wide. We have at one invisible end, the infrared and beyond and the other invisible end, the ultraviolet and beyond. And we know specifically, certain other animals can see different spectrums than humans. The same variance applies to sound, smell, taste, and touch.
God’s creative imagination is not limited nor is it self-restricted. Our ability to comprehend God’s creative imagination is limited and we are working hard to keep it self-restricted. We are all different in every way possible. Some find that fact disappointing. I think it’s fascinating.
We also fall inside a law we have hoped not to: the law of physical creation. We would like to believe we are above that universe encompassing law. We would hope we are unique and not bound by the laws that bind lower life forms. We would like to believe we’re closer to the top of sentient existence than the bottom, for reasons beyond existential proof. … Ego, inflated self-worth …points for another discussion. If it can exist, it most likely does. If there are limitations to physical existence, we are well ensconced within those boundaries. Is any of it an accident? Topic for an interesting future discussion, but my argument and perspective is, The Definition of Perfect.
So unlike antiquated tribes who thought the Earth was alone in the cosmos, and angels raised the sun each morning, I now get to marvel at Hubble telescope pictures of galaxies too numerous to count, now excitedly, with planets also too numerous to count. And am able to contemplate our inner being’s continuum of countless types measuring the range of spectrum the Maker has displayed everywhere else. Are the physical parameters greater than we currently understand? Without a doubt. Can we comprehend even their possibility of existence? We’re children in the cosmic scheme who aren’t yet mature enough to stop abusing the planet we’re not advanced enough to leave en masse. Considering we’re also blowing each other up for no apparent reason, I’d say that sets our cosmic age somewhere less than we’d initially guess.


Psychology has broken down human existence into 5 inner aspects. They are physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social. Here is a quick perspective of the five, with regard to lgbt.
2000 years ago, certain specific cultures believed there were just men and women. I have already proven to you that many other cultures believed otherwise, but I make that statement and that specific past time identifier for a reason. We as a culture seem to have given a certain 2000 year old middle eastern culture carte blanche with our inherent belief system, including our societal beliefs. But unlike those ancient beliefs, modern doctors, psychiatrists, biological psychologists, psychology, medicine, and biology all offer new and different perspectives on lgbt and all agree on one point. LGBT is just another normal healthy human variation.
If however, you are one of the people these modern facts with verification confuse because of certain foundational beliefs, let me offer… Is there anyone who has not witnessed an effeminate male and or a masculine female in their lives? That quickly makes 2 genders 4. Now with that new awareness, is there anyone who can’t imagine, identify, or recognize levels of masculinity and femininity in both males and females? It’s not easy until the differences are so obvious they cannot be denied, but science has proven the male female difference is not stepped or scaled, but a continuum, from different opposing aspects. Did you know there are both male and female hormones in every male and female and we couldn’t survive without the ‘opposite sex’ hormones operating within us?
With a more thorough examination, it seems the Great Maker made us more homogeneous than we’d like to think. Humans aren’t just male and female. That is an old tribal belief, and it may be time we use the findings of our comprehensive modern educational system to advance past certain antiquated tribal beliefs.
Psychology links its sub-domains together because it believes any one domain affects the others. The unique mental aspect of certain children who fit into the lgbt community is something any good psychologist will tell you is beyond the comprehension of people outside this community. It took a prominent and gay psychologist to prove beyond a doubt that being lgbt isn’t a mental disorder, as was initially believed and included in the psychology bible, the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual or DSM, and this also cries out to the inherent cultural influence and inaccuracy of certain foundational beliefs.
The thought synopsis is, if you haven’t lived it and experienced it yourself, you don’t know what it feels like.
We can empathize, we can do our best to comprehend, we can accept, but we cannot know. So if we do not know, why do we all have opinions with a significant percentage of us refusing to accept this community wholeheartedly?
The self-revelation that one fits into this community is the spectrum of emotions, though on the negative side, the level of denial is unprecedented for any other sub culture. People hide behind heterosexual relationships, sneak around in risky places, or deny themselves to their dying day.
This is what we offer them as a culture, and my concern is the additional emotional discomfort our society has added to these individuals. It is fact that there have been societies who wholeheartedly accepted their lgbt community and even gave its normalcy little thought due to the complete acceptance level, and there have been societies like ours where acceptance is considered a sin. Conversely, the stigma felt emotionally by these individuals is nothing less than a sin and that sin is on our entire society. “If God is love, then isn’t it better to love completely wrong than it is to hate completely right?” Jake to his mother, Chapter 13, The Definition of Normal.
Spiritual (non-religious)
If you believe in God, I’m assuming you believe as I do; God is perfect. God made no mistakes nor did God make things just so God could hate and destroy them. God is the Creator. God gets no joy from destruction. Nothing can challenge God, so there would be no pleasure in the destruction.
God is love. You are loved. You are loved beyond your understanding. God is perfect, so God’s capacity to love is incomprehensibly perfect from an imperfect being’s perspective. God’s capacity to love is beyond your capacity to comprehend.
Under those terms, you are exactly what God chose to make and if you are lgbt, which God has chosen to sprinkle from one end of the earth to the other since the beginning of man, then you are exactly what God intended to make…and at that point, if you are non lgbt and don’t agree, then it isn’t God who needs further comprehension. If you don’t agree, it is not lgbt who need further evaluation. If you don’t agree, and you haven’t bothered to self-evaluate your beliefs, examining them for validity and legitimacy, but only blindly accept what you’ve been fed without discerning thought, then you are forgiven and loved just the same.
We only hope in time, you have a change of heart. But understand GOD is perfect and you are here to learn lessons. Your growth as a cosmic being is based on learning these lessons. There is no punishment associated with the failure to do so. Only the edict, you do not advance as a spiritual being until the lesson or lessons are learned.
And if you don’t believe in God, then someone else’s lifestyle, which doesn’t hurt or harm you in any way, should not be a single thought, good or bad, in your entire repertoire of thought.
There are two aspects to the social.
1. How our being is fed by social interaction. We have proof that a weakening or separation of social connection leads to inner health issues and can be an indicator of a future suicide attempt. The inner health the social aspect brings has been noted psychologically. There is an inner force which is fed by social connection. We are social beings.
2. It is an outside force that is well recorded. Our word society is a derivative. It has its own field of study. It is obvious.
Denying someone the ability and/or right to enjoy full social standing and participation in our society is cruel and unfair. To make someone feel socially inferior because of who they are, whether by color, creed, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual preference is immature at best… harmful at worst. None of us are perfect. None of us are everything we want to be. But not having the nerve to speak when someone else declares another inherently inferior is disheartening to anyone who believes all people are created by a perfect maker and in that Being’s eyes – equal.
Our society has distressingly incongruent messages regarding equality. One of my favorite is the 3rd line of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
We teach the concept of equality to our 4th graders as if it’s law. As a 4th grader, I bought it. Five decades later, there is still no implementation.

The Nurture Aspect of the Nature Nurture Argument
We like to believe we are a nurturing society. In fact, some parts of our society who insist they’re the most nurturing are not only failing this aspect of their existence, but their thoughts and actions are causing our children to panic with the false realization they’re ‘condemned to eternal hell’.
When this group is questioned regarding their beliefs, their response is, “It’s just our opinion.” Sadly, just their opinion that others are doomed to eternal hell, comes with a death toll and body count. Our lgbt children are committing suicide at a rate four times greater than average. ‘Just their opinion’ it seems …is not ‘just their opinion’. If it was, they would keep it ‘just to themselves’, but no, it’s shared as loudly as possible. Why? They would like ‘just their opinion’ to be everyone’s opinion, not unlike certain radical other religions who would like all humans to be restricted to another set of confusing archaic religious laws created during a less than advanced time, in a less than advanced place, by a less than advanced culture.

I’m not asking you to change years of thought process in a moment, a day, or a week, but I am asking you to understand some of the things we believe are not healthy for us or others and maybe it’s time we adjust our thinking.
Any two humans holding hands or kissing is not offensive. Any two humans making disparaging motions or remarks about two humans holding hands or kissing is offensive. Any two humans showing affection is not offensive. Any two humans stopping two humans from showing affection is offensive. It’s not what God taught. ]

Many theologians believe the Bible passages referring to homosexuality, don’t condemn consensual homosexual activities.

It is still curious why anyone thinks they have the authority to judge another. Refusal to judge another should be a basic social paradigm, but for those who don’t find it inherently basic, ancient wisdom shares the instructions.

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Date Published: February 2019

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