Ruining The Sanctity of Marriage, The Gay Agenda, And Ruling The World! by Janet Lee Smith

I know, I know, my marriage to my wife is slowly ruining your marriage to your fifth wife. I do apologize for that, it was never our intention. Seriously, it wasn’t. I mean we all know that it’s part of the SECRET GAY AGENDA that you all know exists that we pretend doesn’t (wink wink to all my gay brothers and sisters) but I’ll never admit to that. Oopps! Did I just admit to that? Of course not, silly! Never believe what you read, and only believe half of what you see with your own eyes!

Fake News! All of this SECRET GAY AGENDA stuff is FAKE NEWS I tell you! And the fact that we want to ruin the sanctity of straight marriage is…I mean I don’t know what it is if it isn’t FAKE NEWS!! Oh, did I say fact? Again, never believe what you read! Oh my! I’m going to lose my lesbian card! I hope my wife doesn’t leave me if I lose my lesbian card!

Now back to us wanting gay marriage to ruin your marriage. That’s just silly talk. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I thought it was time we proved that to you all, so I’m writing this book to show you that. I’m hoping if you see how normal and boring my marriage is, you’ll see how we can’t possibly ruin you’re fifth marriage.

Don’t even think about reading anything about the non-existent gay agenda, because there is no such thing. Gawd, you might think we were trying to take over the world with all of that talk. I mean U-Haul and reality TV maybe, but the world? Never! Would I lie to you? Muhahahahaha

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Date to be Published: August 18, 2020

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I’m a 53 year old married lesbian with a cute little Princess kitty and a handsome sinister doggie who let my wife and I live with them.